+Lorenzo Wang – Rigging & Animation

(510) 604 4297

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+Responsible for

> City model
> Drone animations and rigs
> Door rigs and animations
> Harvester model, rig, and animations
> ~50% of Queen model
> Queen rig and animations
> Tentacle models, rigs, and animations
> Humanoid rig

> Beta game footage courtesy of Black Cat Games


+ Goals

Deeply interested in making emergent interactivity and artificially intelligent animation a part of the future of gaming.


+Relevant Experiences

Black Cat Games, animation designer (2005 - current)

·   Responsible for Drone, Harvester, and Queen boss concepts, encounter designs, prototype gameplay animatics, character rigging, and animations on Alien Swarm: Infested, a Half Life 2 Source-engine game to be digitally distributed end of 2006.

·   Built blendable animation clips to keep creature encounters dynamic, but tuned for the game's tactical squad-based combat. 

UC Berkeley, CG instructor (summer 2005 - current)

·   Taught a comprehensive year-long Maya training program.

·   Syllabus: Art 172 Homepage

·   Overhauled the design of the curriculum to incorporate real-world production pipelines into an academic setting, from storyboarding to a completed animation.

ESC Entertainment, assistant technical director (2003-2004)

·   Implemented published FX, animation, geometry changes, and set decoration etc. in Maya. Ran lighting vis and wedge tests for Mental Ray rendering efficiency.

·   Perl-scripted tools for routine tasks.

·   Assisted TDs in geometry clean-up, Maya scene file debugging, building lighting rigs, and running RGB light passes for compositing.

·   Worked closely with FX producers and artists to maintain shot schedules for the films  Matrix: Revolutions, Catwoman, and Constantine.

UC Berkeley, contract artist (2002-2004)

·   Lead 3D cinematics artist on the evolving art game Organum, featured at the SF MOMA, the Swiss Embassy, the New Langton Arts Center, the Pacific Film Archive, and at events in Austin, South Korea, and Egypt.

·   Prototyped unique interaction schemes in Maya and the Unreal engine to simulate target gameplay and refine UI, using animatics and level mock-ups.


+Technical Skills

3D: Maya, MEL, Mental Ray, UnrealEd

2D: Photoshop, Vegas Video, video encoding, Flash

OS: Perl, Windows OS and shell, HTML, Visio, Excel


UC Berkeley, May 2002: BA in Cognitive Science major, Education minor


All original material Copyright Lawrence Lorenzo Wang, 2002-2005, unless otherwise noted.